Love, Care, Hope and Life Support
For Children in Despair

Sustainable Vision Tanzania

You are welcomed to SVT by Daimon Sichone, Project Leader and Director, the members of the SVT Board of Directors, the SVT team members and of course the heart and soul of the organisation, the children themselves. Join us as we take you through the Who, What, Where and Why of Sustainable Vision Tanzania.

Your journey starts here, and we can promise you an experience and an adventure that will have a positive impact on your heart and soul for the rest of your life. Help us transform the lives of the vulnerable children and people within our peaceful, loving and giving nation.

You will hear the word 'Karibu' many times during your stay in Tanzania, you will be welcomed into the country, welcomed to step into your taxi, welcomed to your hostel, welcomed to your food and above all welcomed to Sustainable Vision Tanzania (hereafter SVT). Therefore, it is only appropriate to start the first page of information you receive with a genuinely and sincerely heartfelt "Karibu".